God Gave Me Joy!

September 10, 2013 by admin

For many weeks I hadn’t been feeling well as I continued to navigate through what doctors have diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I had gone through a cycle of severe fatigue and was slowly recovering energy.

A friend had asked if I could join her and some others for a time of worshiping God and praying over a friend with cancer. I wanted to be able to go but in the hours before it I was feeling so tired and downcast. I texted my friend saying I didn’t want to come to the prayer time, but I also felt like it was important to go to, so I changed my mind. Honestly, I was thinking that maybe *I* could be encouraged. I sure didn’t feel like I had anything to give that morning.

So, before I left my house I spent some time reading Isaiah 40 & 41. And God strengthened me through His words. And then I spent time praying and worshiping God on my own.

And do you know what happened? God gave me JOY! Not just a drop of joy, I mean He gave me JOY.

As a result I was able to go to the prayer time for my friend and minister to her. I actually went there filled up with something to give to someone else who was hurting, rather than canceling or going there and feeling empty and discouraged.

No matter what you are experiencing today, God is here to set you free. Take Him up on the offer! Maybe that means that your negative circumstances change immediately or maybe it means that God changes your attitude in the midst of the circumstances. But either way He can give you joy and peace that passes all rational understanding no matter what you are experiencing.

God is here to meet you too, in every need, great or small. Run to Him!

*Artwork by Donna Downey


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  1. db says:

    Thank you for sharing, I just had a situation on Monday where I was in deep deep despair and as I was praying to the Lord about it one of the things I’d mentioned is how I felt hopeless and that I can’t change this situation without Him yet I feel as though He’s abandoned me.

    I know He hasn’t for one due to His word letting me know He never will, but also He speaks in other areas, just not this one as a matter of fact while visiting my sister’s church a few weeks ago, her Pastor taught on God in the silence and I knew that was for me, left encouraged and the whole nine but this situation has been going on for years now and I just can’t understand why God is so quiet and what the outcome will be.

    Long story short I prayed that evening and by the time I was up and praying the next morning I had to thank God for the Joy that was restored even prior to the morning.

    I still don’t have an answer, it’s still hard but I do have joy and for that I’m thankful:)

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